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Weapon (scythe), artifact (requires attunement)

The personal property of the grim reaper himself. This scythe is not ornate or decorated: it has no special markings of any kind, for it is just a scythe, a mere utilitarian tool. A tool sharpened to a supernaturally slim edge that could slice even light itself in half, yes, but a tool nonetheless.

Artifact Weapon. Death's scythe grants its wielder a +4 bonus to attack and damage rolls. Attacks made with it bypass resistances and immunities. It deals a critical hit whenever you roll a 19 or 20 on a d20 die for its attack roll.

Soul Sunderer. Death's scythe is the tool Death uses to chop souls from their corporeal bodies. As an action, you can use it to cast soul sunder against a soul.

Infinite Sharpness. Death's scythe is the sharpest weapon in all of existence; being sharp enough to cut not only any kind of matter, but also many things abstract as well. However, as a mere mortal creature, and more importantly, as you are not Death, you can only use this sharpness for menial purposes.
When you hit a creature with a critical hit, it automatically loses a limb of your choice, such as an arm, leg, or head, if it has any. Losing all of its heads will usually kill a creature instantly.

Destroying the Death's Scythe. Death's scythe is created when Death breaks the corporeal form of an ordinary, mundane scythe and takes its incorporeal "soul" for himself. Once created, his scythe can only be destroyed by severing it with a spell capable of severing souls, such as soul sunder, cast with a 9th level spell slot or higher.
Alternatively, Death himself can take it and break it himself at his own leisure.

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