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Dead Mountains[edit]

The dead moutains are a formable range of moutains that are almost completely devoid of any life, this is due to the extreamly low temperatures that are reached in these moutains. Except for a few creatures of ice and snow, mostly elemental type creatures, few other creatures live here.

When civilised races need to cross the moutains, they prepare as much food and warm clothing as they can, preferably with magical protection. It is said that there are untold numbers of frozen corpses buried by snow in the dead moutains, and this is partially the reason for the places name.

Travellers will need to be ready to climb the icy and steep moutains, prepared to battle the few monsters that do live here and also ready for possible snow blizzards or avalanches. At night the temperatures drop so low that ears will simply free up and possibly snap off if not protected completely.

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