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Darkwood Body [Warforged][edit]

For warforged druids and such.
Prerequisite: Warforged,
Benefit: Instead of steel/mithral/adamantine and other metals, your structure is largely made of Mithralwood, Bronzewood, and Densewood. Your armor bonus increases to +5, max dex. +5, -2 check, 15% arcane spell fail, and treated as light armor. Basically, it is like Mithral Body, just wood and so has no penalty on Warforged Druids. In fact, this model of Warforged plating was created specifically for warforged druids.
Normal: +2 armor bonus, 5% arcane spell fail
Special: This feat can only be taken at first level.

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This feat was created by me for use in an outdated rough draft of a campaign i hope to run someday. Basically, it takes many ideas from the Eberron and Forgotten Realms settings, such as the warforged race and the great war (which lasted almost 212 years). In short, while the other kingdoms were tearing each other apart, one of only two that were not part of the empire finds itself short of druid caretakers (since their kingdom is largely forest with all manner of forest and fey creatures). As such, several races, including the psionic elves and centaur druids and rangers pooled their ideas to create a new version of the warforged, suitable for being druids and rangers. These warforged became caretakers and guardians of the place, and this kingdom managed to stay out of the entire war with but a few skirmishes when some other kingdom stupidly decided to have troops camp there. These warforged became known as the Woodstalker Warforged. Woodstalker Warforged are never Psiforged, though the Psiforged variety of Warforged was created using the same research, as the Psionic elves decided to keep the two projects separate. Since they were the only group capable of making Psiforged, they had their way, and the two projects went their separate ways.

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