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Armor (Chitin Armor), artifact (Requires attunement, Having the blessing of Poltrique)

A Pitch Black Chitin Armor, The Dark-Spider is a heavy armor that was built light enough to accommodate flight. This Armor can only be given by Poltrique or temporarily by his Great High-priest, if it is in the possession of someone else it will vanish and go back to the Domain of Poltrique.
Random Properties. The Dark-Spider Armor has the following random properties:

  • 2 minor beneficial properties
  • 1 major beneficial property

Eyes Of Darkness While attuned to the armor and wearing the Helmet you can perfectly see in the Dark even in Magical Darkness and you can see what is magical, you can see the flow of magic, and you can see if something is an illusion or not.

Godly Exoskeleton While attuned to the armor and wearing it you have +3 to AC, give an advantage on saving throws and +1 to all ability scores only while wearing it.

Dark Mist Armor While attuned to the armor and wearing it, you have an advantage on stealth, your flying speed is increased by 20 ft( if you do not have one your flying speed is equal to your waking speed) and you can turn you and the armor into a Black Mist. While in the mist form you have blindsight on 30 ft and cannot use items or weapons nor use spells, and you cannot make a single sound.
Destroying the Dark-Spider Armor. It can only be destroyed by cutting it to Poltrique then 9 High Gods need to make a 100 years ritual to absorb almost all the power of the armor, than you need to throw it in the plane of Fire, Water, Air & Earth at the same time to de synchronize it to itself, and finally you can destroy it in the Elemental Chaos, Easy isn't? you just need to be quick, before Poltrique create a new one (it take around 20 days for him to create a new one) Or you can just give it back to Poltrique so he can destroy it by smelting it down.

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