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Dant's cloak: These are cloaks woven from darkness and dreams, literally all of them created by the god Dant the cloaks hold a special power that can never be banished or dispelled. The cloaks appear as a waving fluid-like material that is very thin and invisible at night. It covers the face of the wearer as well as the entire body and while it seems to get in the way just as much as a normal cloak it moves exactly how the wearer would need it to and never restricts movement. The inside of the cloak is always coated in darkness and only the wearer may see through it.

The god Dant wore this often and used it to make his physical form invisible to prevent accidentally killing people when they looked upon him. He also wore it to appear undeteced when moving around the world and guiding the insane. Eventually he became a good friend of one of his mortal followers. Upon the followers marriage Dant gave him a perfect copy of his own cloak as a wedding gift. Eventually he wound up giving away a few more copies of his perfect cloak. The follower gifted it to his son who in turn gave it to his wife when he died since then the cloak's story became vague and apart from Dant himself nobody truly knows where any of the 5 cloaks are (Except maybe for the one Dant himself wears).

Cloak; Dant's cloak gives the wearer the ability to succeed all spell failure checks with a DC below 18 it also makes the armor underneath treated as light whenever it would benefit the wearer (Such as when the wearer is running) it gives the wearer +4 AC and +10 on stealth checks in bright light and +15 on stealth checks in the dark. It grants the wearer the ability to jump or shadow jump twice as far. It grants the wearer +4 on disguise checks and lastly it makes them look very dope granting them +2 charisma.
Invisible abjuration and illusion; CL 24; Weight: If anything it would weigh a negative weight exactly that of the armor of the wearer.

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