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Dance Fever[edit]

Price per dose: 12 gp
Type: Contact

A small breakable vial filled with a liquid that constantly changes color. Meant to be thrown at opponents. It is the pure, raw energy of a rave. Upon touching the liquid for more that a second, the creature must succeed on a wisdom saving throw with a DC of 16 or be forced to dance for 1d4 hours. The creature cannot speak in any languages, or move anywhere willingly. For each hour that the creature is dancing, they lose 1d3 hit points and gain one level of exhaustion. The DM also rolls 1d4 to determine the direction the creature moves in; 1; north 2; south 3; east 4; west. If the direction rolled would throw the creature off of a cliff or the creature cannot move in that direction, the creature does not move this turn. On a successful save, the creature is unaffected

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