Damaging Psychic Shields (3.5e Variant Rule)

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Damaging Psychic Shields[edit]

A powerful psychic shield can be a difficult obstacle for even a skilled psychic to overcome. In addition to using extra effort to overcome a psychic shield (see page 195), it is possible for a psychic attacker to directly damage or drain a psychic shield in order to weaken it.

An attacker using the Psychic Blast or Psychic Weapon skills can choose to target an opponent’s psychic shield rather than attacking the opponent directly. The target of the attack saves against it normally, but without the bonus of the psychic shield. If the save fails, the damage dealt by the attacking skill is subtracted from the defender’s Psychic Shield bonus rather than dealing nonlethal or hit point damage to the target. The psychic shield operates at the reduced bonus until it recovers.

A damaged psychic shield recovers one point of its bonus per minute (10 rounds) until it is restored to normal. Effects that restore hit points or eliminate nonlethal damage (including the Psychic Healing skill) can be used to restore a damaged psychic shield as well; each point of damage healed restores one point of the shield’s bonus.

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