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Weapon (Dual Longswords), artifact (Requires Attunement by a Paladin or Fighter)

Cypherion is Infernion's counterpart. It is rumored that these blades have the same level of power, but nobody has tested it and lived to tell the tale. If these two swords ever meet, the magic in both of them would be destroyed.

Traits. Cypherion is a two magical longswords with a +3 to attack and damage rolls. It also can change its damage type from slashing to Radiant

Backtracking Cypherion can backtrack, preventing the worst things from happening. On your turn, you can use your sword's innate ability to prevent a creature's action for taking effect. All damage and effects done are removed, but on your next turn, you cannot do anything as you are frozen in time. You can remove as many actions as possible, but then you are frozen for that many actions. The people outside the effect are able to witness this, but any contact with the people affected are also frozen.

Sentient Cypherion is a sentient longsword. It has Wisdom, Intelligence, and Charisma 20 (+5). It does not have a voice, but can communicate telepathically with all creatures in 60 ft

Curse. Cypherion is a blade of legendary power, but those who seek it for power do not deserve it. If you hunted for Cypherion for power, you cannot attune to it, making it useless to you. If you found it, but are of evil alignment before you realize it's power, you are instantly killed. If you are chaotic neutral before you attune to this weapon, you become a Lawful Good character, and your ideals and Beliefs change accordingly. This weapon can be placed in the hands of an evil character corrupted by Infernion to heal them. If they are a paladin, they can accept this weapon as their new one.

Destruction of Evil This weapon was made specifically to destroy evil. When you are wielding this weapon, any character that can see the sword takes 1d6 radiant damage and is branded with the "Destruction of Evil" mark. If you commit an evil deed with this mark on you, you take 1d6 radiant damage, and the mark burns deeper. Next time you commit an evil deed, the amount of damage you take increases by 1 dice tier, i.e. d6 becomes d8, d8 becomes d10, and so on. Once it reaches a d12, it doubles the amount of die. These hit points cannot be healed unless you change your alignment. Then the mark goes away unless you become evil again

Blade of Holy Might This blade is more powerful than most radiant weapons. When you are attuned to this weapon, you can bend radiance to your will. If an enemy is attacking with radiance, then the damage has no effect and instead is sucked into the sword. The enemy still rolls for damage. When you attack with radiance and have absorbed some radiance, you can release it back into the attacker. You can release damage back into the attacker based on the damage done to the sword. If 100 radiant damage is done to the sword, then the sword releases it into all enemies nearby in a 15 foot radius. This effect heals comrades for that amount of damage.

Life Bringer When you are wielding this, you may use your action to revive a dead comrade. This person comes back to life as if from a True Resurrection spell. The difference it that the Life Bringer trait can bring someone back from Old Age. They come back as a young adult.
Random Properties. The Cypherion has the following random properties:

  • 2 minor beneficial properties
  • 2 major beneficial properties
  • 1 minor detrimental property
  • 1 major detrimental property

Destroying the Cypherion. This weapon will become powerless when combined with Infernion, it's counterpart

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