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Kneepad Rocket Dart Launchers[edit]

Medium Armor
Rarity Armor Class (AC) Strength Stealth Weight
Unique +1 (partial armor) 4 lb.

This metal cape is made to be one of the most flexible and utilized technomagic cape but it is still considered as a mundane cape. It is made from something called Biometal which are both biological cells and metal at the same time and also considered neither in the same time. It draws power from the raw magic(which some call it dark matter, cosmic energy, or force) to charge its energy so it never runs out of it. This cape is priceless and almost impossible to purchase from anyone because of its rarity and power.

Shield Cape. The wearer of this biometal cape can, as bonus action, grasp the garment's edge and cause it to harden. The wearer can use the hardened edge it as if it were a kite shield. The edge of the cape can be dropped and made pliant again as a bonus action.

Dizzing Cape. This thick cyber cape is trimmed with biometla plates and cut to fit handsomely over heavy armor. As a attack action, the wearer can strike a creature with in 5 feet with the cape, briefly stunning the targeted creature. As an action, the wearer can spin in his space, briefly stunning each creature within 5 feet. This attack uses the wearer's attack action, stunning the creature(s) on hit until the end of your round. The wearer is considered proficient with this attack.

Invisiblity. While wearing this cape, you can press a button on the shoulder part to cause the cape to emit a force field of invisible. While you are invisible, anything you are carrying or wearing is invisible with you. You become visible when you press the button again. Pressing the button requires an bonus action.

Partial armor only grants its AC bonus if you are wearing light or no armor. If you are wearing only one piece of partial armor, you are still considered to be wearing your base armor type (e.g. no armor or light armor). If you are wearing two or three pieces of partial armor, you are considered to be wearing the heaviest type of partial armor worn (e.g. medium or heavy armor). You cannot wear four or more pieces of partial armor.

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