Custom Feat & Skill Lists (3.5e Variant Rule)

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Custom Feat & Skill Lists[edit]

The easiest means of customizing psychic abilities to fit the campaign is to limit the list of available feats and psychic skills. For example, the GM may prefer a campaign with only subtle psychic abilities, in which case only Clairsentience and Telepathy feats and skills may be available. The GM can disallow certain advanced psychic feats, such as Apport Arrows, Mind Trap, Psychic Reflection, Psychic Severance, and so forth.

Certain psychic skills can also be banned, such as Psychic Weapon or Domination. Generally, if the Gamemaster is unwilling to allow a particular psychic ability to fall into the hands of a player character, it should be banned from the campaign or be allowed only to certain nonplayer characters.

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