Crystallized Ranger (5e Feat)

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Crystallized Ranger

Prerequisites: Dex 13, Int 13, Proficiency in Longbows or Shortbows
You have come to learn how to make use of certain magical crystals to augment your otherwise ordinary arrows.

  • When you hit a creature with a Longbow or Shortbow, using a nonmagical arrow, you can choose to deal additional Force damage. The extra Force damage is 1d8 for a Longbow or 1d6 for a Shortbow. You can do this thrice before needing a long rest to use it again.
  • Once hit, the target is marked and can be automatically detected in a 120ft radius. This mark lasts for an hour before disappearing.
  • You have advantages on Investigation checks in determining the nature or purpose of any crystalline item or artifact.

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