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Cosmic Guardian[edit]

Medium humanoid (Human), lawful good

Armor Class 25 (Cosmic Defense)
Hit Points 540 (40d8 + 360)
Speed 40 ft, Fly 120 ft (Hover)

30 (+10) 22 (+6) 29 (+9) 16 (+3) 17 (+3) 18 (+4)

Saving Throws Str +19, Dex +15, Con +18, Wis +12
Skills Acrobatics +15, Arcana +12, Athletics +19, History +12, Intimidation +13, Investigation +12, Insight +12, Perception +12, Persuasion +13, Religion +12, Survival +12
Damage Resistances acid, cold, fire, force, lightning, necrotic, poison, thunder
Damage Immunities radiant; bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing attacks from nonmagical weapons that aren’t adamantine
Condition Immunities Fear, Charmed, Petrified, Stunned, Madness, Suffocation, Starvation, Exhaustion, Blinded
Senses truesight 120 ft.; passive Perception 22
Languages All
Challenge 30 (155,000 XP)

All-Environment Protection. The Guardian can breathe in any atmosphere, substance, or vacuum, and is immune to all hazards borne from environmental extremes, high altitudes, high pressure, or weather systems.

Cosmic Defense. The Guardian’s starting AC is 25. After using her Eraser Orb attack, it becomes 19 for one hour.

Gathering Energy. The Guardian automatically gains 1 Gathered Energy at the beginning of her turn. As a bonus action, the Guardian draws in supercharged particles to boost her attacks; she gains 1d12 Gathered Energy. She can have up to 15 Gathered Energy stored at any time. If the Guardian has used her Eraser Orb attack in the last hour, she only gains 1 Gathered Energy at the beginning of her turns if she succeeds on a DC 20 Constitution check, and using a bonus action only grants 1d8 Gathered Energy.

Grappling Expert. The guardian has advantage on attempts to grapple a creature and may do so with creatures up to size Huge. Creatures have disadvantage to escape her grapples.

Legendary Resistance (3/day). When the Guardian fails a saving throw, she can choose to succeed instead.

Limited Magic Immunity. The Guardian is immune to spells of 5th level or lower unless she wishes to be affected. She has advantage on saving throws against all other spells and magical effects.

Magical Weapons. The Guardian’s attacks count as magical for the purposes of ignoring damage resistance and immunity.

Siege Monster. The Guardian’s attacks deal double damage to objects and structures.


Multiattack. The Guardian makes 4 attacks with her unarmed strike or cosmic fist. She can instead use a cosmic blast attack in place of two melee attacks.

Unarmed Strike. Melee Weapon Attack: +19 to hit, reach 5 ft, one target. Hit: 49 (7d10 +10) bludgeoning damage. She may choose to deal half damage and grapple the creature (escape DC 22).

Cosmic Fist (requires 1+ Gathered Energy). The Guardian makes an unarmed strike, with an additional bonus to hit equal to the amount of Gathered Energy she currently has. On a hit, she expends 1-3 Gathered Energy, dealing 20 (3d12) bonus radiant damage per spent energy. On a critical hit, the strike explodes, forcing a DC 27 Strength save; on failure, the target is pushed back (1d6)x10 feet, knocked prone, and stunned until the end of the target’s next turn.

Cosmic Blast (requires 5 Gathered Energy). The Guardian fires a beam of concentrated cosmic particles at a target within 200 feet. The target creature must make a DC 21 Dexterity saving throw or take 78 (12d12) radiant damage, or half on success.

Cosmic Charge (recharge 5-6, requires 10 Gathered Energy). After moving 15 ft in a straight line, as an action, the Guardian can wreath herself in accelerating cosmic energy and ram all targets in a straight line using the rest of her movement. All creatures in the line must make a DC 21 Dexterity saving throw or take 168 (15d20 +10) radiant damage and 167 (15d20 +10) force damage. This action obliterates any obstructions, such as structures, terrain, illusions, or airborne effects.

Eraser Orb (1/day, requires 15 Gathered Energy). The Guardian targets a point she can see within 300 feet. As a full-round action, she launches a blast containing all of her Gathered Energy, which races towards the target point and detonates on impact. Each creature in a 45-foot radius from the target point must make a DC 24 Constitution saving throw, taking 250 (20d12+120) radiant damage on failure or half as much on success. This action obliterates any obstructions, such as structures, terrain, illusions, or airborne effects. A creature reduced to 0 hit points from this damage is disintegrated along with all of their nonmagical equipment.

Bolstering Power (recharge 9-10, requires 1+ Gathered Energy). The guardian expends 1-3 Gathered Energy to gain 16 (1d12+9) temporary hit points per expended energy.


Absorb. When hit by fire or lightning damage from a source she can see, the Guardian uses her reaction to take half the damage dealt and gain 1 Gathered Energy. When hit by radiant damage, this feature grants 2 Gathered Energy.
Block and Counter. When targeted by a successful melee attack, the Guardian adds +2 to her AC. If the attack still hits, she may make an unarmed strike against the attacker with disadvantage.

Though her powers and authority were granted by unknown forces, the Cosmic Guardian exercises her absolute power throughout the cosmos. A force against evils in their myriad forms, the Guardian is more like a space-faring paladin than a creature of interstellar observation, in contrast to many of the other beings who travel between worlds with ease. Her activity makes her a dire threat to interstellar slavers, malevolent eldritch beings, and Illithid colonies alike, and as a consequence, a priority target of their most powerful and ruthless weapons. With unfettered resolve and seemingly-limitless power, the Cosmic Guardian continues her hunt for the greatest evils, and occasionally responds to the impassioned pleas for assistance from vulnerable creatures, in the rare event that she intercepts such messages of distress.

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