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Wondrous Item (Coffin), artifact (attunement obtained by being killed inside of the coffin with the required materials placed into the coffin.)

A luxurious coffin (The coffin has many tanks, pipes and other glass containers attached to it.) once belonging to a very powerful vampire, the Coffin of True Resurrection allows the already attuned user to be resurrected inside of the coffin after dying. The coffin uses the True Resurrection spell. When you die, if your soul is free and willing, the materials are consumed over 1 minute and afterwards you instantly reappear inside of the coffin. Inscribed on the coffin in gold writing are the initials V.D.

The coffin can fit medium creatures.

Though this extremely powerful item resurrects you without the assistance of another spellcaster, it requires a hefty price.

Material Components per 1 resurrection: 1 gallon of holy water, 1 gallon virgin's blood, diamond powder worth 25,000 gp, 1 powdered unicorn horn, and 1 flawless (1 ft diameter) ruby sphere either found or worth 2,500 gp. Consumed upon resurrection. These items must be inserted into the coffin for attunement. If you are a vampire replace holy water with 2 gallons of blood.

Repairs: If any of the pipes or containers are broken, spend 1d6 days fixing them for the cost of 1,000 gp per broken piece. The actual coffin itself cannot be repaired.
Destroying the Coffin of True Resurrection. This item can be destroyed like any normal coffin, if it is destroyed while in the process of resurrecting someone the person is not resurrected

Pipes going into coffin

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