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Wondrous item (circlet/crown), artifact (requires attunement by a wizard, sorcerer, or any character who is a follower/worshipper of one of the Great Old Ones or “Other Gods” of the Cthulhu mythos)

The Cobra Crown appears as a diamond encrusted circlet or crown, with a cobra head emerging from the band at the front. The “cobra” depicted by the crown is actually an alien and extinct creature not known on Earth, but this fact is not known by any except the Great Old Ones and their predecessors, and is not relevant to its use.

Attunement to the Cobra Crown affords the following capabilities:

• +1 on all ability checks

• Immunity to the effects of space & vacuum, including the lack of oxygen (but not to cold temperatures in normal atmosphere, and not to cold-based spells in the vacuum of space). This does not confer any special movement capability in the vacuum of space.

• Ability to speak/understand/communicate in Tongue of the Great Old Ones, Deep Speech, Elder Thing, and other Cthulhu mythos creature languages at the DM’s discretion.

• As an action, ability to recognize immunities, resistances, and vulnerabilities of up to three opponents within 90’ that the user can see. This ability includes recognition of these features granted by possession of magic items (i.e. ring of resistance), but not the fact that an item is conferring the power.

• Once per long rest, as an action, the ability to alter reality in a 90’ radius. All creatures involved in engagement with the caster (i.e. in combat, in sight, reacting to sounds of battle, etc), including allies, enemies, and “neutrals”, are “taken back” two turns, starting with the caster’s turn. Only those creatures within the radius of effect will have a fleeting memory of what transpired in the 2 “lost” turns. Involved creatures outside the area of effect will attempt to repeat their actions to the best of their abilities, even if those actions no longer make a great deal of sense. Those in the area of effect can choose entirely different actions based upon their knowledge of what did (could? might?) transpire.

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