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You were created by the clone spell- a work of necromantic magic that is normally used to escape death. However, before your original died, your container was disturbed, and you awoke with all the memories of the original up to the moment you were awoken. Your original has not died yet- they are still out there in the world, and you have a thorough understanding of who they are and what their objectives are. Perhaps you have only recently awoken... or maybe you have been in this world longer than that? Did you emerge from a vat or chamber that you were created in, or was there some other means that you were created by? Did you know the person that you were created from, or have the two of you never met, or do you even realize they're still alive? Do you know who created you? Was your creator also the person you are cloned from? What purpose were you created for? Will you seek out your creator or are you happy to never know the person that shares your face? Do you think you have a real soul, or are you just some mistake of arcane magic gone awry? What do you think will happen when your original dies- will your life be overwritten by their soul as the spell intended?

Skill Proficiencies: Arcana and Medicine

Tool Proficiencies: A tool set of your choice

Languages: One of your choice

Equipment: Two trinkets from the trinket table that you took from the original you, a set of common clothes, a tool set and a small pouch with 15gp.


Why were you created as a clone?

d6 Purpose
1 To serve as a body double in dangerous situations.
2 To replace the original person after a secret coup or assassination.
3 To carry on the legacy of the original.
4 For spare parts, in case the original was ever grievously injured.
5 To be part of a clone army.
6 To satisfy the desires or needs of someone that could never be with the original.

Feature: Mistaken Identity[edit]

Being a perfect copy of someone has its perks. Anyone who knew your original will initially think you are them. They will treat you as your original and, if convinced of that identity, allow you access to all that your original would have had access to. If you fail to impersonate your original, the person may become aware of the deception, and fear you are a doppelganger, disguised spy, illusionist, polymorphed monster, or some other horrid thing. This mistaken identity may also work against you at times, as any enemies of your original will also believe you to be the original unless convinced otherwise- and even then they may still dislike you. Work with your Dungeon Master to create an NPC representing your original, and their memories. Choose a background for them; you may utilize that background feature as you wish, but background features which rely on your interaction with NPCs will only be effective if you can successfully impersonate your original.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

d8 Personality Trait
1 I'm always paranoid that I'll see my own face in the crowd.
2 I am constantly asking questions of new people I meet. They might know more about me than I do!
3 I try to stay out of the spotlight, or else people might look too closely.
4 I frequently have odd feelings of déjà vu when engaging in new things or meeting new people.
5 I feel like those around me are hiding things they know about me.
6 I indulge in any new experience that is offered to me.
7 I am fascinated by birth and childhood, having never experienced it myself.
8 I frequently draw self portraits of myself or gaze into the mirror.
d6 Ideal
1 Make It Count: I need to make the most of this life I was given and make a positive mark on the world. (Good)
2 Stolen Identity: You say that this castle belongs to me-I mean, it's great to be back home! (Evil)
3 Purpose Fulfilled: I need to find my creator and carry out my purpose. It's what I was made for. (Lawful)
4 Co-Exist: All I want to do is make my own way in the world. I don't care how, I just want to live. (Neutral)
5 Experience: I never got a chance to do that before! I'll need to try it out. (Chaotic)
6 Only One: A face as nice as this one shouldn't be shared...I'll need to do something about that. (Evil)
d6 Bond
1 I desperately want to meet the person I am a copy of.
2 I was never supposed to be alive. I need to make certain no more like me are ever created.
3 My creator must die, and his soul must be destroyed, so that he will never steal my body.
4 I hold all the people who think I'm the original dear to my heart, even though I have no real connection to them.
5 I work harder than most people, as I feel I need to prove my right to exist.
6 There are people looking for me and I will do what I need to avoid them.
d6 Flaw
1 I enjoy acting in a way I know is in opposition to the original.
2 I secretly believe that I am the original and not the clone.
3 I lie that I am a twin whenever confronted with the reality of my existence as a clone.
4 I believe that I am far superior to the original.
5 I lose all focus on other tasks when information about my original is available.
6 I will go out of my way to get recognized, if I haven't been recognized in awhile. Just to keep things interesting.

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