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Wondrous Item (cloak), artifact (Any good or neutral being. Requires 16+ dexterity.)

Description. A silky thin and ragged cloak of a deep burgundy; the fabric feels like cool water to the touch and is almost weightless. The cloak appears to constantly flutter as if the wearer were standing in the gentlest of breezes whether there is no wind at all or a raging storm. While worn, the wearer feels either a refreshingly cool wind or a gentle warming breeze on their face, whichever best suits the wearer's preference.

History. Long ago on an ancient frozen landmass known as Shatter Stone, two groups of Quasi-Deities clashed in a struggle over the preservation or the ruin of the world, Desteiriah. "The Profane" were six Quasi-Deities pursuing power, chaos and destruction while a group of six Ascended Mortals, known only as "the Legendary Heroes", banded together to opposed the Profane. The Profane were eventually banished by the Legendary Heroes, but at a cost; all six of the heroes sacrificed their lives to defeat the Profane. The remaining mortal forces warred with the Profane's remnant demon hoards for a year and a day until at last the final creatures of evil were slain. Rumor has it that certain relics were recovered from the corpses of the Legendary Heroes, and later shrines were erected all over Shatter Stone, in which these relics were hidden away. The temples have since eroded away and the relics have been lost to the eons. Ancient texts and stories describing the heroes and their relics, however, do remain.

The Wind Walker

Amongst the Legendary Heroes was a female half-elf known as Vaith, the Wind Walker. According to legend, those loyal to Vaith recovered her tattered cloak from the lowest branch on a dead oak tree overlooking the summit where the final battle between the Profane and the Legendary Heroes was fought. For hundreds of years, Vaith's Cloak of the Gentle Breeze remained on display in her temple on Shatter Stone until a band of raiders stole in during the night, slaughtered the worshiping clerics and looted everything of value. The cloak has not been seen since.

Stat Bonus. Passive. The wearer gains a +1 to dexterity and +1 to constitution. These stats may raise the wearer's attributes above the 20 cap and stack with other enhancements that allow the wear to exceed the 20 cap.

Comforting Embrace. Passive. When exposed to the elements, pull the Cloak of the Gentle Breeze close and take heart for all will be well in the end. The wearer has resistance to all non-magical environmental damage/hazards including, but not limited to (at DM's discretion) cold, heat, toxic gases, disease, water, lightning, etc. The wearer also has advantage on saving throws to resist environmental drains and negative effects.

Warding Wrap. Passive. Whenever the wearer is hit by an attack (physical or magical) he/she has a 25% chance to gain resistance against the damage. These odds increase to 50%, 75% and 100% each time the wear takes damage and fails to gain resistance. If 100% is reached, the wearer will be immune to the next damaging attack against them. Use 1d4 to determine success- at 25% a "4" on 1d4 is a success; at 50% a "4" or "3" on a 1d4 is a success, at 75% a "4", "3", or "2" is a success. The success percentage threshold is reset to 25% after the wearer successfully resists an attack's damage or activates the 100% immunity effect.

Wraith Walk. Bonus Action. The cloak may be used to turn the wearer invisible a number of times per day equal to their wisdom modifier. Attacking or other non-minor actions will break the effect (at the DM's discretion).

Wind Walker. Bonus Action. Once per day the wearer may enter a state of heightened awareness and speed, negating all attacks of opportunity against the wearer for the duration of the encounter, increase their movement speed by +15 ft and allowing them to maintain consciousness and half their movement speed if reduced to 0 hp.
Destroying the Cloak of the Gentle Breeze. The Cloak of the Gentle Breeze can be rendered powerless if it sustains 50 points of necrotic or shadow damage and destroyed if it sustains 100 points of necrotic or shadow damage. To restore its power, the cloak must be submerged in a gently flowing stream or brook for a day and a night, then hung up to air dry is a light breeze for 4 hours. If destroyed, the remnants can be used to fully restore the cloak by stitching them together with fine burgundy silk thread and hanging the cloak on the lowest branch of an oak tree to flutter in the wind for a cumulative year and a day on a single oak tree. When the cloak is retrieved on the final day, the oak tree will be dead.

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