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Clinging Breath [Metabreath]

Your energy-based breath weapon clings to creatures and continues to affect them on the round after you breathe.
Prerequisite: Dragon, Con 13+
Benefit: Your breath weapon has its normal effects, but it also clings to anything caught in its area. The clinging breath lasts one round beyond the initial attack. On the second round, the clinging breath weapon inflicts one half the damage it inflicted the previous round. Creatures that evade damage from the breath weapon do not suffer the extra damage.

A foe can take a full-round action to attempt to remove the clinging breath weapon before taking any additional damage. It takes a successful Reflex saving throw (same DC as the initial breath weapon) to remove the effect. Rolling around on the ground grants a +2 to the saving throw but leaves the foe prone. The breath weapon cannot be removed or smothered by jumping into water. The clinging breath weapon can be magically dispelled (DC equal to the breath weapon's save DC). The feat only works on breath weapons that have instantaneous duration and inflict energy damage (Acid, Cold, Electricity, Fire or Sonic).

When you use this feat you mus wait one extra round before using your breath weapon again.
Special: You can apply this feat more than once to the same breath weapon. Each time you do, the clinging breath lasts an additional round.

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