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Weapon (Claws), artifact (Requires attunement)

Once used by it's name sake the Greek god Hades, these claws are not merely for the summoning of souls in battle. These claws are said to rip out the souls of all creatures. Both claws are connected to a gauntlet that magically attaches to your hands and arms. They are the equivalent of a short sword +2

Claws of Hades.png
Healing- When used, the claws can heal the user a 1/4 of the target's maximum hit points twice per long rest, the target must succeed a con save against the users strength check, both claws must be on the victim.

Summon the Undead- For one charge a day, you can slam the claws into the ground and summon a soul of a creature you have already killed to fight for you. The soul summoned this way goes away after 1d4 rounds. You can summon each soul once. ex: cant summon the same soul over and over
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