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Circle of the Sun[edit]

Druid Subclass

Druids of the Sun are the tenders of gardens, and by association also the masters and worshippers of the sun and light. They often devote themselves to the protection, expansion and health of a garden, whether it be ferreted away in a forest, home to some minor fae, or a giant park complex in a temple in a deeply urban area.

Reasons for a druid of the sun to become an adventurer might include the desire to create a new garden where one is desperately needed, trying to find a rare and possibly endangered plant, or battling the forces of the evening and evil that threaten plants or plant-like creatures.

Praise the Sun

At 2nd level, you gain the following benefits:

  • You gain light as a bonus cantrip when you first take this subclass.
  • You may spend one of your normal cantrip slots to take sacred flame as if was a druid spell if you wish.
  • You also gain access to guiding bolt as a druid spell, but must prepare it normally.
Plant Shapes and Synthesis

Also at 2nd level, instead of taking a shape of a beast using wild shape, you may take the shape of plant (monster that is of the plant type) with a challenge rating based on wild shapes normal rules, though you gain any languages that plant-like creature may have while transformed.

While in a plant form you gain access to each of the following synthesis features while in clear daylight (whether natural or magically created):

  • You gain access to the goodberry spell as a bonus action for as long as you are transformed while in clear daylight. You may not eat a goodberry created by this feature until you return your normal form. You must wait until you take a long rest to use this feature again, regardless of how many plant forms you can take between rests.
  • If you assume a plant form in clear daylight, you gain additional temporary hit points equal to twice your proficiency bonus (minimum 4). These bonus temporary hit points will last for only the duration of your current form, but will carry on even if you move to a dark area.
  • While in your plant form, any natural weapon you possess are considered magical for the purpose of overcoming resistances while you are in clear daylight.
Feel the Light

At 6th level, you add the spell daylight to your known spells, and always have it prepared without out counting towards your normal maximum. When you cast daylight, it will act as a trigger for your Plant Shapes and Synthesis features, but not other sunlight based features you or other creatures may have, unless the DM deems it plausible.

Garden of Mine

Also at 6th level, You may always cast plant growth as its 8 hour ritual without having it prepared in your mind, or spending any spell slots. But you must start the ritual during the first hour of sunrise, and must wait until the start of the next dawn before casting again in this manner.


At 10th level, when you assume a plant form, you may assume a form with a maximum challenge rating equal your druid level divided by 5 (CR 2 at level 10, CR 3 at level 15, and CR 4 at level 20). You may still apply your synthesis features from 2nd level.


At 14th level, you may use one of the following features while you are in clear sunlight. You must take long rest and wait until the next dawn before using this feature again.

  • Sunbeam: this acts like the spell of the same name, though you do not require verbal or material components to use it, and may use it while wild shaped as a plant (but not other beasts).
  • Sunburst: this acts like the spell of the same name, though you do not need material components to cast it, you may not use it while wild shaped. When used with this feature, sunburst only does 12d4 radiant damage, instead of its normal 12d6.

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