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Circle of the Forest[edit]

Druids of the Forest are the tenders of gardens, and by association worshipers of the Forest. They often devote themselves to the protection, expansion and health of a garden, whether it be ferreted away in a forest, home to some minor fey, or a giant park in a deep urban area. They also know how to bring the wrath of the forest to aid them.

Light affinity

At 2nd level you gain light as a bonus cantrip


At 2nd level you gain the ability to harvest seeds from certain plants, then later grow them in a garden. To set up a garden, you need at least a 20ft by 20ft area of farm-able land. This can be accomplished by hand with a hoe, or using the Mold Earth cantrip. These plants grown in the garden can be harvested for more seeds, or used in potion making and etc. Unless otherwise stated plants take 3 weeks to mature and can provide seeds after 5 weeks.


Additionally at 2nd level, instead of taking a shape of a beast using wild shape, you may take the shape of plant (monster that is of the plant type) with a challenge rating as high as 1(this only applies to plants) At 10th level, you can turn into a challenge rating as high as your druid level divided by 3, though you gain any languages that plant-like creature may have while transformed.

While in a plant form you gain access to each of the following features while in clear bright light (whether natural or magically created):


If you assume a plant form in direct light, you gain additional temporary hit points equal to twice your proficiency bonus (minimum 4). These bonus temporary hit points will last for only the duration of your current form, but will carry on even if you move to a dark area.

Magic Leaf-

While in plant form, any natural weapon you possess are considered magical for the purpose of overcoming resistances while you are in direct light.


While in plant form, you can sink your roots down into the earth as a bonus action. While rooted, you have advantage on saving throws made against effects that would knock you prone or forcefully move you. If you fail a save against an effect that knocks you prone or forcefully moves you, you are unrooted. Your speed becomes 0 while rooted, and you can't benefit from any bonus to speed. Uprooting yourself takes a bonus action. While rooted you can heal yourself 1d4 as a bonus action, while in a direct source of light.


Once per long rest while in plant form, you can choose to overgrow. While you are overgrown, you add your wisdom modifier to any healing or damage you do, and you become one size larger. This lasts until you take new form or revert.


Twice per long rest while in plant form, as an action you can release a 20ft aura of pollen, if you do so, once on your turn you can expend hit dice. All creatures in the radius gain the healing from this, this counts as healing for Overgrowth

Sunny Day

At 6th level, you add the spell daylight to your known spells, and always have it prepared without counting towards your normal maximum. Additionally you can cast the spell Plant Growth as it's ritual without using a spell slot.


Additionally at 6th level, as an action, you can choose to instantly grow seeds that you've collected with the Seeds feature. If you do this, the plants grown with this feature act as apart of the Awaken spell and are immediately your ally. You can have a maximum of 2 summoned plants at any given time, and all awakened plants made through this feature wither during your next long rest.


At 10th level, you gain increased affinity to plants. When you wildshape into a plant you also gain these features:

Bright Leaf-

If you wildshaped while in direct light, you emit bright light in a 10 ft radius

Speedy Vines-

If your plant form has less movement speed than your normal form, you may spend a bonus action to move up to your normal movement.

Titanic Overgrowth-

You can now use Overgrowth 2 times before needing a long rest and healing is now increased double your wisdom modifier.

Root Boost-

While rooted you can now heal 2d6 health instead.

Potent Pollination-

While in plant form your pollen radius increases to 40, and the healing is doubled for everyone but you.


At 14th level while in Plant form, you gain access to the Sunbeam and Sunburst spells and can cast them only in plant form. You can cast both spells only once per long rest in this fashion

King of the Forest

Additionally at 14th level, you can choose to expend all uses of wildshape to instead turn into a 20ft radius forest of trees. If you do this, all healing or damage done is increased by your druid level. Your pollen aura is also constantly active in this radius. If you choose to overgrow, it instead increases the radius by 10ft. At 17th level double the radius for this feature. You gain the following features while in forest form:

King of Fairies-

Your health while in forest form is equal to your normal health + half.


Your AC is 15, you have resistance to non-magical bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage, and have vulnerability to magical fire damage.

Fey Influence-

You can cast spells freely while wildshaped as if you weren't.

Connected Roots-

Any non-damaging radius spells now have a radius of your forest.

Safe Forest-

Any spells that target one creature can now target up to two additional targets.

Gnarled Vines-

All terrain within the radius is considered heavily obscured and difficult terrain.

Wrath of the Forest-

While in Forest form you can cast the Wrath of Nature spell without expending a spell slot with the radius of your forest.

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