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Circle of Stars[edit]

Those who align themselves with this circle see the outer limits of the cosmos as the defining force of nature. These druids typically live on mountains performing rituals under the moon and stars.

Circle Spells[edit]

Druid Level Spells
3rd Guiding Bolt, Magic Missile
5th Darkness, Moonbeam
7th Blink, Hypnotic Pattern
9th Divination, Control Water


At 2nd level you learn the dancing lights cantrip. Additionally, when you cast this cantrip it produces twice the amount of lights it normally would.

Constellation Casting[edit]

Beginning at 6th level, whenever you cast a cantrip that targets a single creature, you can have it jump to another creature within 15ft. of the target. Roll another attack roll against the new target or have the target make a saving throw against your spell save DC (whichever applies). If the spell misses or the the target succeeds on their saving throw, this ability ends. If the spell hits the new target or the target fails their saving throw, you may have this spell jump to another creature within 15ft. of that target. The total number of additional targets after the first equals your Wisdom modifier.

Heavenly Forms[edit]

When you use your Wild Shape feature, you can transform yourself into a Celestial creature whose challenge rating equals 1/3 of your Druid level (rounded up). If this form has legendary actions you do not receive these abilities.

Blessings of the Cosmos[edit]

You learn the crown of stars spell. This spell is always prepared and doesn’t count against your number of spells prepared. When you cast this spell, you can choose to cast moonbeam as a bonus action at half the level you cast this spell (rounded up) without expending a spell slot. For every two motes you expend, the level you cast Moonbeam at decreases by one. You must complete a long rest before you can cast moonbeam in conjunction with this spell again.

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