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Structure, artifact

The Chronotronic Obelisk is an artifact of power, one of many like itself, that strikes fear into the hearts of storytellers and dungeon masters wherever its name is spoken. These artifacts lie in completely random locations and one can never predict where one might be located next. An Obelisk could be at the very bottom of the darkest reaches of the abyss, sitting at the bottom of an active volcano, resting on a floating island at the fringe of the Elemental Plane of Air, or standing outside some random farmer's house.

The Chronotronic Obelisk is a structure, 5 feet wide and 20 feet tall, made of a dark, contiguous, solid magical stone of incredible density, weighing in at well over 10 tons. No matter where the Obelisk rests, this massive weight can be supported so long as the structure or floor upon which it rests is supported by or connected to solid ground. At the top of each of its four faces are carvings of analogue clocks, one of which is upside-down in relation to the others. The Obelisk's faces are smoother than a liquid surface to the touch; Climbing to the top requires a successful DC 25 Strength (Athletics) check.
Anchor Point. The Chronotronic Obelisk keeps track of a point in time that is referred to as its anchor point.

Anchor Reset. When a creature plants its hand upon the upside-down clock face, the Chronotronic Obelisk emits an audible ping sound out to a range of 300 feet. The Obelisk's anchor point is changed to the exact time at which this action was performed. The Obelisk's anchor point cannot be reset to a time earlier than its most recent use.

Time Warp. When a creature plants its hand upon any of the three rightside-up clock faces, the Chronotronic Obelisk will project a bubble of temporal force that extends 30 feet away from the obelisk in all directions. Everything within this force field becomes unaffected by the flow of time as it seems that everything else slows to a complete halt outside the field. The boundary of this field is permeable, and any creatures or objects that leave the field will cease being affected by the Obelisk.

After one minute, the Obelisk's clock faces will rapidly treadle backward and send everything within the force field backwards in time at a rapid pace. The creatures will be deposited with a flash at the Obelisk's anchor point; Time will then begin progressing normally.
Destroying the Chronotronic Obelisk. The Chronotronic Obelisk is completely indestructible; However, it can be rendered inoperable by transporting it outside of its native plane.

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