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Vehicle, artifact (Requires attunement of a good aligned person)

Blessed by the Judge of Flame, Archangel Uriel, the chariot appears to be completely made out of platinum and wood that came from a tree that came from Ysgard while encrusted in flaming gold that does not burn. It appears to be about the same shape as what is believed to be an ancient rendition of a stagecoach that also has an even set of reigns that appear to be burning on the inside.
Random Properties. The Chariot of Fire has the following random properties:

  • 2 minor beneficial properties
  • 1 major beneficial property

Speed The Chariot can reach 400 feet (40 mph); accelerating at 10 feet per round (1 mph). Once reaching 100 feet per round (10 mph), the driver can choose to make the Chariot fly through the blazing fires igniting to the point of floating. Only the Driver can make the Chariot slow down once it has sped up.

Size. Huge.

Weight. 700 pounds(317.515 kilograms).

AC. 18.

Damage Threshold. The amount of damage the Chariot can absorb and keep away from its driver and passengers is 200. Once this amount of damage is exceeded, the driver and passengers are susceptible to damage coming towards the Chariot.

Crew and Passengers. 1 driver, and at most 12 medium or small creatures. The driver must be the one who is attuned to the item while also being the one to allow passengers onto the Chariot.

War Vehicle A passenger can attack from the comfort inside of the Chariot. All passengers are considered to be within three-quarters cover while they can freely attack, either melee or ranged, the outside without any disadvantages. Also if the Chariot is charging in the same direction and is on a collision course with a creature, the creature must succeed on either a Strength or Dexterity saving throw DC(18). On a fail, they take (4d10) force damage, are moved out of the way, and are knocked prone. On a success, they take half damage, get out of the way, and are not knocked prone.

Enflamed Creatures. The Chariot requires at least 2 large creatures to pull it in order to operate, although it can be pulled by more than 2, the maximum amount of creatures that can pull the Chariot without causing trouble is 9. When the Chariot is being pulled by at least 2 creatures of large size or bigger, then the Chariot can grant the following features to the creatures pulling:

● Damage Immunities. The creature becomes immune to fire and poison damage.

● Damage Resistances. The creatures become resistant to cold and lightning damage, as well as to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage from nonmagical attacks.

● Condition Immunities. The creature becomes immune to the exhaustion, petrified, and poisoned conditions.

● Magic Resistance. The creatures have advantage on saving throws against spells and other magical effects.

● Magic Attacks. The creatures' melee attacks are considered magical for the sake of overcoming resistance and immunity to nonmagical attacks and damage.

● Fire Body. The creature is so hot that when they are hit with a melee attack or land a melee attack against another creature, the attacker/target takes an amount of fire damage based on the creature's CR. 1d6 at CR 1/8-1/2, 1d8 at CR 1-3, 2d8 at CR 4-6, 3d8 at CR 7-9, 4d8 at CR 10-14, 5d8 at CR 15-20, 6d8 at CR 21+.

● Fire Armor. The creatures' AC increases by an amount equal to the driver's proficiency modifier.

● Senses. The creatures gains darkvision to a range of 60 feet. If the base creatures have darkvision to a range greater than 60 feet, use the range for the base creature's darkvision instead.

● Languages. The creatures can understand any language spoken by the driver, although they cannot speak

● Alignment. The creatures driving share the alignment of the driver.
Destroying the Chariot of Fire. The Chariot's power can be turned off temporarily if the creatures riding and pulling the chariot are all of evil nature. Only the Archangel Uriel, the Fire Judge, can destroy the Chariot completely.

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