Charge Accumulator (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous item, artifact (Requires attunement by a level 15 or higher artificer, who has at least 20 charges across all their attuned magic items.)

Engineered by the greatest artificer to ever live, in terms of magic items, this truly has no equal. It looks like a small, white gearbox.
WARNING: This item CAN and WILL, BREAK your game. It can give other items FAR more uses than intended. Be INCREDIBLY CAREFUL about OTHER magic items that will pair badly with this.

Boundless Once attuned to this item, its effects will always apply to you, even if it is on a different plane to you

Limitless You may attune to 2 more items

Pointless For each item you have that uses charges, add the maximum charges together and add 5. All your attuned items now draw charges from this pool. Each item has the power to regenerate these charges. If you run out of charge completely, roll a d100 - on a 100, your pool refills, on a 1, all your non-artifact magic items are destroyed, as is this item.
Destroying the Charge Accumulator. this item can only be destroyed through its own effect

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