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Chant - Extra Skill [General Feat]

A special skill given to only the most exceptional of performing individuals.
Prerequisite: Must be a class that classifies itself as a support, except Cleric.
Benefit: Diligence, the main trait in which one is granted this exceptional skill. The Chant skill is added to your list of accessible Perform skills. By having this feat and skill you have the title of "Chanter of Pantomime" bestowed upon you for all to know. Whenever you would make a Perform skill check, you may amplify it with this feat. All performance skill checks are doubled when using this particular performance skill. In crowded areas, you may be cautious. Once adopted, this feat elevates your social status equal to that of an influential pop star idol or high ranking government official [up to your DM] which causes crowds to gather around you quickly and in large numbers. Due to this downside, anytime you would use the Hide skill, your overall result is reduced by half.

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