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Sparking: The sparks of various spells and Kenilath weapons come from the sparking of fruits and vegetables when they hit a Creature, as well as the brief moment when the Core is released. Sparking spells do extra damage to Kenili and Creatures: half of regular, uncharged fruit/vegetable damage (half of 1d4 for Creatures and half of 1d2 for Kenili), and hits automatically if the spell does. For a sparking weapon, only touch AC is used for the purposes of sparks overcoming armour class (except for concrete, of course). Even if the weapon does not hit, the spark might. Sparking effects create a kind of spark near/on the target. It is about as bright as the spell flare, though usually the dazzling effect isn't counted.

Sparking Damage: This is a more comprehensive table of how much damage a fruit/vegetable/juiced weapon/sparking spell will do to a Creature/half-Creature/Kenilath/Mailbox than the basic racial descriptions, as Creature purity isn't a fixed thing (the classification of Kenili, Mailboxes, etc., are based on a range rather than a definite number). Some Creatures are more vulnerable to sparking damage, some Mailboxes are closer to being full Fairies, etc., so there is the concept of different Creature purities. Creature Purity is written as "Creature Purity 1", etc.


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