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Members of this group define themselves by their alignment and their outlook on the world first, their other abilities second. Their strengths reflect their alignment choices, and roleplaying one means putting attitude first. A neutral guy designation doesn't mean that every such character is neutral in your campaign.

Homebrew Neutral Guy Base Classes
Name Rating1
(out of 20)
Type2 Description3
Beastial Samurai NR Neutral glass-cannons. A member of a Samurai Order who have chosen Nature as their master, rather then a shogun.
Complete Ninja NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Fairy Youth NR Neutral Guy Young looking folk from the forest who are always accompanied by a fairy companion. Found in large expansive forests with strong magical energies. Living life in small treehouse villages and wearing shades of brown and green
Myrmidon Warrior NR Combat Focused This class was designed to be as close to Achilles in the movie Troy as possible.
Naruto Shinobi NR Skilled, Spontaneous Spellcasting, Magic Backup Ninja class based on the ninja from the hit manga and anime, Naruto.
Semi-Immortal NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Shaman, Natural NR ”Good Guy, Strong Spellcasting, Divine Spellcasting, Spontaneous Spellcasting” The Shaman is a close cousin to the Druid, and the two usually work in concert with each other. While the Druid has the ability to shapeshift, the Shaman communes with the spirits of her ancestors and nature. Her power is derived from her communion with these spirits, and in exchange the spirits reward her with enhanced abilities or manifest to take a more active role by assisting her directly.
Soul Reaver NR Bad Guy, Combat-Focused Souls are a fickle thing. But not too many times occur when a person is born with the ability to weaponize morality. Everyone is their own worst nightmare around this guy.
The Host NR Combat Focused, Skilled, Shape Shifting, Customizable This class is loosely based on the Marvel archenemies Venom and Carnage. As the host of an extraterrestrial symbiotic lifeform, this character focuses on the abilities granted to the host by the symbiote. The abilities range from minor improvements to the character’s body to major alterations and even limbs formed by the symbiote, and is extremely customizable.
Time Mage NR Neutral Guy Manipulates time to benefit allies and hinder foes
Traveler NR Neutral Guy, Skilled Nomadic Base class heavy on skills, but a little light on combat.
Twilit Betrayer NR Combat-focused, good-guy/bad-guy. Those who have betrayed all those who once trust them. They hide their sins beneath a mask and take up arms to atone for their sins of past. Their guilt is so intense, not even a magical atonement can be substituted for their own forgiveness.
  1. Shows the rating other users have given the class out of 20. Unrated classes are labeled "NR" and not fully rated classes are labeled "NFR". The rating is from the actual class's page; it is not made on this page. Follow the following link to learn more: Rating System.
  2. A general category the class fits into. e.g. Strong Spellcasting, Combat Focused, etc.
  3. A concise description of the class—should advertise the class.
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