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Ring, artifact (attunement required)

The Cataclysm is death contained in a ring. Being able to cast many spells, the wearer has death in their grasp. The Ring can hold 4d12 charges but starts off without any upon attunement(regains 2d12 charges at midnight) and can only cast once spell per turn. These spells do not require material components to cast.


Spells it can cast:

withering destruction (12 Charges)

wall of souls (12 Charges)

zombie infection (14 Charges)

boil blood (14 Charges)

obliterate soul (15 Charges)

energy drain (15 Charges)

true resurrection (15 Charges)

power word kill (15 Charges)

eversion (15 Charges)

power word restore (15 Charges)
Destroying the Cataclysm. Cannot be destroyed by any other means than Death himself.

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