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We all know who he is. He's been a iconic member of the American Heritage for years. Even though his death should be well known by now, his legacy and his combat prowess is legendary. His main martial ability was his shield and his combat skill. He was a formidable combatant, well respected within the super hero community, and now, you can play Captain America TM as well.


Books Needed
Non SRD Item Book Found In
Master Thrower Complete Warrior
Brutal Throw Complete Adventurer
Ranged Sunder Players Handbook II
Shield Specialization Players Handbook II
Shield Toss Players Handbook II

As a reference point, this is the build I am using for a upcoming tournament at a con this year, so I have made this build only to ECL 11 and I had to follow these rules and regulations If you have any suggestions to improve this build or correct any mistakes I make, I welcome it in the discussion board.

Game Rule Components[edit]

Race and Templates[edit]



Fighter/Master Thrower PrC


Improved Shield Bash, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Shield Specialization, Far Shot, Shield Throw, Brutal Throw, Ranged Sunder

Spells, Powers, Items[edit]

A +1 Ranged, Bashing, Adamantine Heavy Spiked Shield

Anything else that can increase one's throwing range.

Boots of Striding and Springing Optional, but it's always a good move to move 10 more feet.


The main thing with this is build is you have to raise your slight of hand to 4 ranks by 6th level, so basically, you can expect to use the majority of your skill points doing this. With the fighter not exactly having a whole bunch of them, you would be losing out on the important skills the fighter has, like craft...and intimidate...and..umm...profession? should be good on that.


I have a 48 point buy, so I decided my stats would be 18, 17, 14, 12, 12, 13

ECL Class/HD/LA Feats Special
1st Fighter Improved Shield Bash, Point Blank ShotB, Precise ShotB
2nd Fighter Shield SpecializationB
3rd Fighter Far Shot
4th Fighter Shield ThrowB
5rd Fighter
6th Fighter Ranged SunderB, Improved Unarmed Strike
7rd Master Thrower Quick DrawB thrown weapon trick (deadeye shot)
8th Master Thrower evasion
9rd Master Thrower Weapon Focus (heavy shield bash) thrown weapon trick (two in one blow)
10th Master Thrower Snatch ArrowsB
11rd Fighter 6/ Master Thrower 5 Improved Critical for any weapon that you have weapon focus with. critical throw, thrown weapon trick (weak spot)

instead of worrying about shield throw, should go with throw anything, only need a dex of 15 and don't need shield specialization, could free up some more feats. Also, if you just get Ranged and Distance on the shield, you can get rid of Far Shot and get an open feat.


2d6 throwing weapon!!! 2d6 THROWING, RETURNING WEAPON!! 2d6 THROWING, RETURNING, SUNDERING WITH ALMOST NO WORRY ON HARDNESS SHIELD! Sure, right now you can get that up to 60 feet (20 for Shield Throw, 10 for Throwing, x2 for Far Shot). However, I am sure there are plenty of items, especially in the MIC that can help this build entirely. Also, the fact that the character will have good fort and reflex, as well as evasion, as well as the best BAB a character can have at 11th level make this a great combination. Maybe grabbing a item that can help out with the will saves would add the final touch to ol' Cap.


Munchkin-Size Me[edit]

Gloves of Taarnahm the Vigilant (PGtF, 10,000 gp) Gives any weapon you are holding throwing and returning weapon qualities. That would allow the shield to get extra abilities and save me a few bonuses. Perhaps put the +1 to +3, or add on other things to it as well.

Gauntlets of Extended Range: MIC p.103, they double the range of any thrown weapon or object. no activation. 2000 gold. Increase my range by another x2? That shield will be flying with these.

Throwing Enhancement: Allows the user to throw a shield 30 ft and does damage based on its size (1d6/1d8). It also grants the returning enhancement at no additional cost. +1 Shield Enhancement cost

EDIT Heroes of Battle has an awesome feat - Shield Block - Its basically Deflect Arrows. You only need Dex 13 and Shield Prof. Had the Capn' had it, he could have ignored one shot per round, especially that last one.

Not cool man.

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