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Caliginos's Holy Symbol.


The Compassionate Dusk

God of coolness, darkness, moon, protection

Alignment Neutral Good
Domains Darkness, Good, Healing, Protection, Water
Subdomains Agathion, Consume, Fortificatios, Ice, Medicine, Moon, Night, Purity, Redemption, Restoration,
Favored Weapon Sickle
Symbol Black crescent moon with blue aura, and a humanoid face with blue eye.
Sacred Animal Bats and ravens
Sacred Colors Black, Blue, Dark Gray
The benevolent god of coolness, darkness, moon and protection, Caliginos.

The Church[edit]

The church of Caliginos has a very exact listing of rank and title for those who belong to the church: Acolyte, Priest, Deacons, Vicar, Bishop, Archbishop, Primate, Cardinal, Patriarch and Zenith Moon Guardian. Caliginos elite priests are called Sin-Eaters.

Temples and Shrine[edit]

Temples to Caliginos are spherical structures that often feature small but numerous windows, often with decorative tinted glass. They're a good source of healing and shelter. The continent of Sarusan holds the head temple and most temple buildings within it to him being their patron deity and Sarusa's amnesiac properties. Although recently his faith has spread throughout the Golarion due to Sarusan losing it supernatural amnesiac properties thanks to the unfortunate rise of cult of Ka'Matar.

A Priest's Role[edit]



Holy Text[edit]

The Martyrdom of Darkness is the principal holy book of Caliginos. It contains the hidden origin of the universe. This book is wildly debate among those outside the faith for its contradictory mytho although those have read it find its lore still fit well with established history. Recently this text has seen a surge of support as Golarion entered what is now know The Age of Malevolent Star.



Caliginos's dogma is one that those of the faith hold true to the heart.

"Wherever there is light, there is darkness. Its shadow bestows protection to the defenseless and cooling comfort to the hurt, while consuming corruption and Evil. In the war against wickedness one must hold courage and be steadfast, but remember just like one might lose direction in the dark, one might lose thyself in the battle against evil. Rest assure though that while thy still hold true the essential virtues of kindness, mercy, and compassion the purity of darkness is ever-present in thyself as the moon is ever-present in the sky even if thy can't see it due to the light."

While many of Caliginos's prayers often take the form of first person affirmations.

"I am compassionate, just as the Moon of Compassion veiled on me."

Then there are those that provide Caliginos's benevolence.

"While thy venerates Caliginos, Caliginos's shadow will be sure to shelter thee."

Even so some can be short phrases one can say in every day situation.

"Silent night"

"The dusk always comes."

"The path marked by beauty lies in the dusk"

Although the most favored pray is one of the most common phrases said by even those outside the faith.

"Good evening"

"Good Night"

Relations with Other Religions[edit]

Caliginos counts all non-evil gods as his companions, and even communicates with evil deities in the hopes of purifying them of their corruption, although gods of good with the Sun domain have shows discomfort with him especially those with light subdomain such as the goddess Sarenrae. Caliginos has shown special interest in the goddess Shelyn though the reason has remained ambiguous, all is known that he care for her but not in the romantic sense.

Caliginos's belief in redemption so strong that he has been frequently seen trying to turn evil god from sin. This is especially true in the case of Zon-Kuthon. Records show that Caliginos actively encounters Zon-Kuthon in orders to convert him from evil although these interactions lead to battle that ultimately ends with one annyed and the other disappointed.

Then there are those that Caliginos considers irredeemable, including Rovagug and his true nemesis Ka'Matar. Rovagug for his only desire to destroy and Ka'Matar which Caliginos believes that all sin came from her light. Although Caliginos consumed his personal involvement in historic event to act as deterrents against evil, for example creating the moon and using it to imprison Rovagug's heart in order to weaken Rovagug futher, he considers Ka'Matar a greater threat. For Caliginos believes that Ka'Matar was responsible for many terrible event throughout history such as providing the fear that led to Rovagug's existence, enlightening Asmodeus with sin and luring Dou-Bral to her realm transforming him into Zon-Kuthon by ways of torture and possession with Caliginos unfortunate and unintentional help.


Although Caliginos is a god of pure goodness he doesn't reside in Nirvana as other neutral good gods do, nor resides in the Sahdow Plane as other gods of darkness do. Instead he resides in a realm of his own creation; the demiplane Umbra.

Umbra is a demiplane that embodies the concept of pure good without being overly restricted by law nor dissipated by the randomness of chaos similar to Nirvana although with some key differences which brings it more akin to that of the Shadow Plane. Where the Shadow Plane is a "dark" reflection of the Material plane, the demiplane of Umbra is the true dark reflection of Nirvana except where the Shadow Plane is bleak, desolate place full of decay and death, Umbra is everything but. In fact, it is said that Umbra is just Nirvana with the lights turned off, a realm that emphasize the beauty of eternal night. A few examples of Umbra uniqueness are where colors are vibrant and abundant in Nirvana, Umbra's shades of gray are prominent but no less beautiful. While Nirvana has minor positive effect, Umbra has a minor negative effect but it's no less life giving as this energy acts similar to the false life spell.

Even though Caliginos resides on Umbra it doesn't mean that Caliginos doesn't have any connections to Nirvana or the Shadow Plane. It is said that Caliginos does have a divine realm on both those planes and that connection gave rise to Umbra existence. This theory is further supported by its appearance in the skys of both Nirvana and the Shadow Plane as a perpetual new moon with a blue aura.

Planar Allies[edit]

Caliginos uses a lunarian as his herald. Allies are hound archons, astral devas, planetars and "Wan Shades", the emancipated spawn of the "shadow" undead. He also allies with shadow cassisians, Wan Shades that evolved into angels. Shadow cassisians are the celestials stewards that have the potential to go through the process of "ascendance" where their final form are not solars but the celestial stewards known as Lunarians.

For Characters[edit]



Associated Domain: Darkness.

Replacement Power: The following granted power replaces the touch of darkness power of the Darkness domain.

You can now channel negative energy and can choose to deal damage to deathless creatures or to consume harm from living creatures.

In all effects you use negative energy to absorb and consume harm from living creature effectively healing them of damage. When done to deathless this energy conflicts with the positive energy that subsumes them causing damage. Being negative energy this ability can heal undead but a cleric can choose whether or not to include undead in this effect.

This power also affects a cleric’s spontaneous casting by changing the nature of cleric’s cure spell to instead use negative energy to consume harm from living creatures, heal undead and harm deathless.

Otherwise the rules of both Channel Energy (Su) and Spontaneous Casting remain unchanged.

Paladins/Antipaladins of[edit]

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