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Weapon (shortsword), artifact (requires attunement

(Note. This is another take on an existing sentient item which can be found here)

A sword spoken of only as legend, forged by the hands of a deity known simply as The King of Storms. Once a blade forged of the mightiest adamantine known to gods and men, borne of steel and mithral and tempered in dragonfire, it now lies broken, its blade lodged into stone, though the seemingly molten Primordial runes that run along the center of the blade are still legible. When reforged whole again, they glow an ominous golden hue and cast a piercing purple-white sheen off the deep, dark metal of the blade, reading: Calandil, King of Storms.

Broken, now Reforged. This sword, when first found, acts as a shortsword. There are five other broken shards of Calandil's blade besides its hilt, scattered throughout the land. When a new piece of the sword is found, it grafts itself magically to the existing blade. When fully reforged the blade becomes a longsword with the added finesse property.

  • After the first shard is grafted onto Calandil, it gains a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls.
  • After the second shard is grafted onto Calandil, the sword's sentience awakens and grants its wielder the Lightning Rod ability.
  • After grafting on the third shard, the wielder is granted the Elusive ability, and the swords +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls becomes a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls.
  • After the fourth shard is grafted, as an action, the wielder of Calandil can use it to cast the lightning bolt (spell save DC 18) spell. This ability can only be used once, and this item regains use of this effect at dawn.
  • When the fifth and final shard is grafted on and the sword is complete, the user is gifted the highest boon Calandil can grant, gaining access to the Storm Lord's Scion ability. Additionally Calandil's +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls becomes a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls.
Elusive. As an bonus action, you can use the Valandil to cast the misty step spell. This ability can only be used three times, and this item regains all uses of this effect at dawn.

Lightning Rod. Calandil grants its wielder the ability to redirect incoming lightning damage from spells and natural sources. As a reaction to when the wielder takes lightning damage, the wielder may make a Dexterity saving throw against the attackers spell save DC (or a DC determined by the DM for natural lightning strikes). On a successful save, the wielder takes half the damage of the spell or natural source of lightning and then may immediately redirect the spell or natural source of lightning at a target within 30 feet causing them to have to make a save against the spell or natural lightning as well. On a failed save, the wielder takes full damage and cannot redirect the source of lightning damage. This ability can only be used three times, and this item regains all uses of this effect at dawn.

Storm Lords Scion. If the weather is stormy, the wielder can become the storm. For 1 minute, when the Elusive ability is used Misty Step becomes Thunder-Step and can be cast as a bonus action. If the blade is used to cast Lightning-Bolt during this period it becomes 6th-level Chain-Lightning. Additionally, this weapon deals an extra 1d8 of thunder or lightning damage during this minute. This state ends early if the user is rendered unconscious or the weather spontaneously changes. Once this property has been used, it can't be used again until the next dawn.

Sentience. Calandil has a Chaotic Neutral alignment and has an Intelligence of 14, a Wisdom of 12 and a Charisma of 17. It can speak, read and write celestial and communicate telepathically with its wielder while being wielded or carried. Calandil has hearing and darkvison up to 60 feet after gaining the second shard and 120 feet when acquiring the fourth shard.

Personality. His ultimate desire is to be whole, and Calandil will goad, coax, cajole, harry and push his wielder constantly to search for the remaining shards. He is proud and haughty, and does not take kindly to being treated as unimportant or merely as a tool. Whenever Calandil hears an insult directed towards him, he will attempt to persuade his wielder to make the perpetrator apologize or duel. If the wielder doesn't pursue the quest of rebuilding the sword, it starts to conflict with the user during the next long rest and every rest thereafter.

Artifact Properties. When the sword is fully re-forged, the wielder attuned to Calandil will immediately take to the following random properties:

Random Properties. The Calandil has the following random properties:
  • 1 minor beneficial property
  • 1 major beneficial property
  • 1 minor detrimental property
  • 1 major detrimental property

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