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Succulation, aka Cactus Juice[edit]

Price per dose: 100gp
Type: Ingested, Injury

Succulation is a potent Hallucinogen that can be distilled from the juices of magically influenced cacti, or the bodily fluids of cactus dryads. When ingested, a creature must make a DC 15 Constitution Saving throw. If the drug is applied directly into the bloodstream, the creature makes the save at disadvantage. If a creature makes a successful save, they roll on the Good Trip table; if they fail they roll on the Bad Trip Table. If a creature is immune to the poison condition, it is unaffected by any result. If a creature is under an effect of Succulation, an additional dose does not cause another affect.

d6 Good Trip
1 Commune with spirits. The imbiber's mind is opened to realities beyond mortal comprehension. For the next hour, the creature can cast the spell augury without spell components.
2 Awakened sociality. The creature's social inhibitions are greatly reduced, making them feel relaxed and comfortable with their situation. For the next 1d4 hours, they have advantage on Charisma Checks. This however, comes at the cost of them being gullible and suggestable. For that period, they have disadvantage on Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma saving throws.
3 Invigored Soul. The creature is made incredibly confident of its own abilities, and any insecurities melt away. For the next 1d4 hours, the creatures is affected as per the heroism spell
4 The cat talks! The drug convinces the creature that the sounds animals make are actually the beasts talking and that they are able to understand them! The creature believes themselves to be under the effects of the speak with animals spell, though this is just an illusion and what they learn from such creatures is in fact complete gibberish.
5 Pleasant Synesthesia. The creature senses pleasant, easily identifiable hallucinations such as smelling roses or tasting peanuts. They suffer no ill effects. This lasts for 1 hour
6 Mental Resilience. The creature's mind is fortified against attack. The creature becomes resistant to Psychic damage for 1d4 Hours
d6 Bad Trip
1 The Colors! The creature becomes blinded by the rapidly changing psychedelic colors. They may repeat the saving throw at the end of their turn to remove this affect.
2 Depressed Emotions. The creature's emotional state is depressed as if it is under the effects of a calm emotions spell. The creature loses the will to fight, and will act passively not caring much for the world around it. It can repeat the saving throw every hour to end this affect.
3 Paranoia. The creature is overcome with thoughts of overwhelming dread. The creature is frightened of every creature it can see, seeing them as horrendous monsters. It can repeat the saving throw at the end of its turn to remove this affect.
4 Psychedelic screams. The creature's psyche is tormented by horrible images and wailing calls. The creature is poisoned, and while poisoned, it takes 1d4 psychic damage at the start of its turns. It can repeat the saving throw at the end of its turns to end this affect.
5 Disabling synesthesia. The creature's senses get horribly jumbled, confusing colors with smells, sounds for textures, and other bizarre effects. The creature is poisoned, and while poisoned, it has disadvantage on saving throws. It can repeat the save at the end of its turn to end this affect.
6 Anaphylaxis. The creature has a horrible reaction to the drug and hurts its own body as a result. The creature is poisoned and while it is poisoned it takes 2d8 poison damage at the start of its turns. It can repeat the save at the end of its turn to end this effect.
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