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Heavy Brigantine[edit]

Medium Armor
Cost Armor Class (AC) Strength Stealth Weight
300 gp 16 + Dexterity modifier (max 2) 12 50 lb.

Heavy Brigantine consists of a leather tunic with strips of interwoven steel and hardened leather composing the exterior, (some variants might use heavy canvas or oilcloth for this) the pauldrons are either comprised entirely of enameled steel, or of hardened leather or additional brigantine plates, this armor provides vambrances that cover the arms to the wrist, and heavy but supple gloves, the armor is either fashioned into a leather skirt, or armors the legs similarly to the torso, this armor includes greaves and can include a helmet or hood, this armor is common among career warriors and experienced soldiers and officers for the excellent protection it offers and it's low maintinence cost compared to similar forms of armor such as splint or plate, and is praticularly favored due to the wearer being able to maintain stealth while wearing it.

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