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Breathe that Foul Air [General][edit]

Having grown up in the atmospheric trash that is the air in Warton, you are immune to the effects of coughing, choking, and other stink or smoke oriented attacks.
Prerequisite: Must be taken at 1st level
Benefit: You gain the following benefits: Immunity to coughing and choking, able to hold your breath for twice as long as normal, and suffer only half the penalty for seeing in smoky conditions.

DM's may apply this feat to other cities/regions with an unusually high degree of foulness in the air. Character may suffer some long term health effects by the constant exposure to industrial chemicals hanging in the air.

For those interested, Warton, or 'The Wart' as it is more commonly known, is a heavy industrial town that specializes in metal-crafting and is approximately equal to the very beginnings of the industrial age of our world.

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