Brahmin Cart (Fallout Supplement)

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Crew 0
Pass 2
Cargo 400 lbs
Init. -2
Maneuver -4
Top Speed -
Defense 9
Hardness 5
Hit Points 80
Size large
Price 12 TU/120 Caps
Armament 0
Fuel Cap -
Gas Mileage -


Millions of civilian vehicles survived the nuclear fallout of the Exodus. With no new fusion cells to power these vehicles, the above ground survivors abandoned these in the first few years after the Exodus. Most of these vehicles rusted to time becoming useless. The vehicles that survived time became used as post-war wagons, with the engines and excess weigh removed, and the vehicle cut down to just storage space with the back wheels and fitted to be pulled by Bovine. Haulers come in all shapes and sizes depending on the salvable of the original vehicle.

These are copy rights of Exodus and are not my ideas.

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