Bracer of the Holy Pact (5e Equipment)

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Artifact (Bracer), artifact (Requires attunement by a good warlock)

This armband was made by a Celestial, for a group of warlocks who were in obligation of a pact for him. At first they used it wisely, but then they turned against humanity and him, and so he struck them down, and recovered his artifact, placing a curse on it to make sure whoever obtained it next would be would more worthy

Divine Spell Strength- As the power of the Celestial flows through this artifact, it empowers your spells. you get a bonus to spell slots your level divided by 5 (rounded down), and a bonus to spells (DC, attack, damage) equal to your level divided by 4 (rounded down) Exp: 9th level= +2 to spells/+1 spell slot. additionally, at 11th level, you gain the ability to cast a second spell on your action turn

Holy Feud-When you score a critical hit on a Fiend, it's blinded for 2 turns.

Holy Healing- at 4th level, if you are attuned to this artifact, at the start of every turn you regain 1d4 HP at the start of your turn, as long as you have at least 1 8th, it's 1d6, at 12th 1d8, and then 16th, 1d10 and at 20th, 1d12

Curse- To employ it is only used for good, this bracer has a curse upon it. once attuned, it is physically impossible to remove this from your arm short of a wish spell. if you steal something from an innocent, you take 1d4 psychic damage. if you hurt an innocent with full well knowledge that you are, you take 1d6, and if you kill them, 1d10. If you hurt a good celestial, you are paralyzed for 3 rounds and take 2d12 psychic damage. |} ---- Back to Main Page5e HomebrewEquipmentArtifacts

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