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Bound Familiar

You can magically bind a beast under your command. You learn the find familiar spell, that you can cast as a ritual. Instead of summoning a familiar, you can choose to use the spell to bound a creature to your service. The creature must be a beast of size large or smaller, and have a CR maximum of a fourth of your level. For example, a 1st-level character can have a CR 1/4 beast bound to it.

In combat, you can use your action to command the bound servant to take one of the actions described in its statblock as a reaction on its turn. If the creature has the multi-attack trait, you can't use it.

The bound servant follow all the rules of a regular familiar, and its alignment changes to match yours. The bound servant have a number of additional hit points equal to your level in this class. If your bound servant dies, you can spend 12 hours performing a ritual and 500 GP to bring it back from the dead

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