Boon of the Skald (5e Epic Boon)

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Boon of the Skald[edit]

Yours are the words and actions that define history.

  • You gain one special Bardic Inspiration which you can only use on an ability check, attack roll or saving throw you make. This self-affirmation does not cost you a Bonus Action to prepare, and refreshes like your regular Bardic Inspiration.
  • Any Bardic Inspiration die you use or give away can be rolled with Advantage.
  • You gain one Proficiency in one Skill or Tool.
  • Lore Bards: Your Cutting Words feature applies even if your target is immune to charm.
  • Valor Bards: You can grant yourself Combat Inspiration the same way you give it to others, costing a Bardic Inspiration per each use and following all other standard rules. This is separate from the above self-affirmation feature.

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