Boon of The Shapechanger (5e Epic Boon)

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Boon of The Shapechanger[edit]

As an action, you can transform your appearance or revert to your natural form. You can't duplicate the appearance of a creature you've never seen, and you revert to your natural form if you die. You decide what you look like, including your height, weight, facial features, the sound of your voice, coloration, hair length, sex, and any other distinguishing characteristics. You can also make yourself appear as a member of another race. You also can't appear as a creature of a different size than you, and your basic shape stays the same; if you're bipedal, you can't use this trait to become quadrupedal, for instance.

This transformation counts as magical and creatures cannot see your true form with truesight, nor can your transformation be dispelled by any means short of divine intervention. Your clothes do not change to match your new size or shape, requiring you to bring extra outfits for transformations.

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