Boon of Demonic Ascension (5e Epic Boon)

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Boon of Demonic Ascension[edit]

The power of the demon lords now flow through you, granting you the status of a demonic demigod. This boon cannot be removed by any means.

  • Demonic Transformation. Your body assumes demonic traits, such as incredibly pale or pitch black skin, strangely colored eyes, sharp teeth, and leathered skin. You gain an unarmored defense of 10 + Constitution modifier + Dexterity modifier. Your creature type change to fiend.
  • Everlasting. You no longer age past the point where your race reaches maturity. Any aging you've experienced past maturity before acquiring this boon will happen in reverse, and you renew one year for each year that passes, until you reach that point. Additionally, you are immune magical aging.
  • Twisted Mind. You gain resistance to psychic damage and immunity to the charmed condition. Additionally, you are permanently affected by one form of long-term or indefinite insanity that remains as long as you have this boon.
  • Blood Bound. You cannot be killed unless you are pierced through the heart. If you are reduced to 0 hit points, you are banished to the abyss, being incapable to return to the material plane for 7 days. Should you die by being pierced in the heart, you can only be resurrected by means of a wish spell or divine intervention.

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