Boon of Death Perception (5e Epic Boon)

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Scales.png This page is of questionable balance. Reason: If I'm reading this correctly, this boon allows you to instantly kill or severely cripple any creature, at any time, with minimal check. The incurred damage does not balance this. This is extremely powerful even for a boon. Things like Power Word Kill at least have a hit point threshold, and the vorpal sword has various limitations too.

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Boon of Death Perception[edit]

When you recieve this boon, you gain the ability to see lines and points of death. As an action, you may activate the effects of this boon. When you inflict slashing damage on a foe while the effects are active, roll a DC15 Dexterity check. On a success, you cut a line of death, severing a part of that creature’s body permanently. If you take disadvantage on the Dexterity check and increase the DC to 20

but still succeed, you slice through a point of death, killing the target instantly. On a failure in either case, nothing happens. For each round the effects of this boon are active, you suffer 2d12 psychic damage. This damage is not effected by resistance or immunity.

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