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Wondrous Item, artifact (Requires attunement)

Written by Miyamoto Musashi, a samurai wizard. The book is filled with philosophical teachings and fighting tactics to better oneself and provide guidance to defeat ones enemies.

Shortly before his death, the undefeated swordsman Miyamoto Musashi retreated to a cave to live as a hermit. There he wrote five scrolls describing the "true principles" required for for victory in the martial arts and on the battlefield. He based his writings on his own experience, observation and reason. It was said that Miyamoto never bathed because he never wanted to be without his sword.

Although many copies have been made, they fail to capture its magical nature. Once the book is read, it vanishes to some other corner of the world.

Reading the book grants the reader the following properties:
Call Weapon.

Gain Martial Adept feat or Magic Initiate feat.

Always Dirty. Disadvantage on Persuasion and Performance Rolls.

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