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Originally manufactured to retain prisoners of war, bomb collars are comprised of small metal links that magnetize to each other with a moderately sized explosive fitted to it. They can be fitted to a person’s neck as an action and bonus action. You must succeed a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw if they are not willing. When the collar detonates, they take 10d10 force damage. If they come within 15 feet of a device that receives radio waves, such as a radio, the collar begins to beep. If they do lot leave this area within 12 seconds (2 rounds) the collar explodes. Bomb collars were developed with 3 programming packages:

  • Manual: The collar must be detonated with a handheld detonator.
  • Distance: A transmitter, weighing 0.5 lb. and costing 25 gp, was manufactured alongside the collar. If they leave a 15-240 foot radius of the transmitter, the collar detonates. The distance can be manually set by the transmitter.
  • Biometric: 2 or more collars are linked. If one collar goes offline, such as from the wearer removing it or dying, all linked collars detonate.

Cost: 65 gp
Weight: 1 lb.

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