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Weapon (scythe), artifact (requires attunement to a dragonborn of chromatic heritage)

BloodFall is an adamantine scythe with a +3 attack bonus

Lore: Bloodfall is a scythe forged by a clan of dragonborn of chromatic heritage, known as The Fallen, who were enslaved by Tiamat. They were not like their brethren, and rebelled against their draconic overlord. Bloodfall was created with the sole purpose of destroying all chromatic dragons except themselves. It gained its sentience when the clan leader gave his life force to help forge the weapon, binding his soul to the blade. After many years of conflict, The Fallen fled from the lands controlled by the chromatic dragon tyrants to the lands of metallic dragons. They were sheltered by the metallics for centuries, all the while Bloodfall built a strong hatred and bloodlust for chromatic dragons. It was grateful to the metallic dragons, but quickly got tired of waiting out the reign of the dragon queen, developing a hatred towards the metallic dragonborn. Centuries later, after the war has ended, the metallic dragon elders have kept Bloodfall a secret, hiding away the destructive and sadistic weapon away until the need is dire and the dragon queen returns again.

Sentience: BloodFall holds the soul of the original Fallen clan chief. It has an Intelligence of 20, Wisdom of 18, Dexterity of 20 with a +1 to his mod, Strength of 20 with a +1 to his mod, Constitution of 18, and a Charisma of 16. These ability stats override your characters when entering the BloodFallen state. You can ask it any of the following question types: Knowledge draconic, and Knowledge arcana. If you ask it to help you in any of the following tasks, you gain advantage on the roll: Perception, Investigation, Knowledge (draconic, arcana), History. When an attacker makes a stealth roll, it must also beat BloodFall's passive perception, which is an 18.
BloodFall. This scythe can either be used one-handed (finesse) for 2d8 damage, or two-handed (versatile) for 2d10 damage. Using it one-handed or two-handed effects which damage die to use on critical's and bonus damage. This weapon also does an extra 2d(damage die) of extra damage to a chromatic dragon and 1d(damage die) to anything of chromatic heritage. On a critical it takes the effect of a non-decapitation vorpal, dealing 6d(damage die).

BloodFallen. Every three days you can drawn from the BloodFall's rage. This sends you into a frenzy mode known as BloodFallen. During this state you deal double damage and take double damage. You cannot die during this state, but if your character gets knocked to 0 hp then the BloodFallen phase ends, you are invulnerable but unconscious for one round, once awake you regain your original state before entering BloodFallen. BloodFall then goes dormant for three rounds, and the scythe takes the normal status of 1d8 or 1d10. This ability recharges every three days. The DM controls your character in this state. BloodFallen only lasts for two rounds. If you fail to use this mode within a day of regaining it's charge, BloodFall will lose it's trust in your power and attempt to take control of your body. You then have to make a CON save of 16 or higher, if you fail, BloodFallen state takes over and BloodFall does whatever it see's fit, including killing your party members, then the charge is lost for another three days. Succeeding sends BloodFall back into the scythe, and you keep the BloodFallen charge. Any pets you have while in BloodFallen also take on a demonic shape and gain +2 to all of their modifiers.

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