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Weapon (longbow), artifact (requires attunement by a creature with the "Extra Attack" class feature)

The Blessing of the Hunt is a gift granted by an unknown, ancient, and nameless god. This magical bow carries with it the bloodlust and vigor of the greatest predators of the world. The wielder of this powerful weapon will become attuned to the primal and wild power of nature, becoming an avatar of the hunt.

You have a +1 bonus to your attack and damage rolls with this magic weapon.

Fangbrand When you land an attack with this bow, the next ranged attack made against the same target with this bow is made at advantage.

Hunger of the Wilds When you land a killing blow with this weapon, you gain 3d6 temporary hit points.

Hunter's Fury When you land an attack with this weapon, your next attack with this weapon will deal an additional 2d6 points of piercing damage.

Curse. You may not unattune from this weapon unless it is destroyed.

Curse. If you go 24 hours without killing a creature with this weapon, you will suffer one level of exhaustion until you kill a creature with this bow.

Destroying the Blessing of the Hunt. The Blessing of the Hunt can be destroyed via the wish spell, the cleric's Divine Intervention feature, or be bitten in two by a lycanthrope.

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