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Blade Snap [General][edit]

After you catch the blade of your opponent's sword in the prongs of your jutte, you can apply pressure to the sword until it breaks.
Prerequisite: Str 15, Juttejutsu
Benefit: Upon a successful disarm check with a jutte against an opponent's sword, you may make a Strength Check DC 10 + the sword's Hardness to break the blade instead of disarming your opponent. An opponent wielding a broken sword can attack with the -4 proficiency penalty. Damage from a broken sword is reduced by one step (as if going from a Medium to a Small weapon). Finally, defending oneself is far more more difficult with a broken sword, and a defender gains only half the benefit of fighting defensively, using Combat Expertise, or taking the total defense option.
Special: A Doshin may choose this feat as his extra Doshin Feat.

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