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Bittercold Pudding
Size/Type: Colossal Ooze (Cold)
Hit Dice: 70d10+1750 (2100 hp)
Initiative: -3
Speed: 90ft
Armor Class: -1 (-3 Dex, -8 Size), touch -1, flat-footed -1
Base Attack/Grapple: +40/+80
Attack: Slam +56 (6d8+24 Bludgeoning+4d8 Cold)
Full Attack: Slam +56 (6d8+24 Bludgeoning+4d8 Cold)
Space/Reach: 50ft/50ft
Special Attacks: Frostbite, Unstable Body, Consume
Special Qualities: Ice Trail, Heat Sapper, Ooze Traits, Blindsight 300ft, Immune to Ice, Vulnerable to fire
Saves: Fort +56, Ref +28, Will +26
Abilities: Str 59, Dex 4, Con 60, Int -, Wis 1, Cha 1
Skills: -
Feats: -
Environment: Caverns, Cold Areas
Organization: Solitary
Challenge Rating: 44
Treasure: Quadruple Standard (All treasure is frozen in a block of ice)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Advancement: None
Level Adjustment: None
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The air chills and you shiver. A massive blue slime, that one would mistake as blueberry jelly is clearly revealed to be otherwise due to its near-ice like transparency and the trail of ice it leaves as it moves towards you. Frozen arms and appendages of all sorts are in its body, in varying degrees of decay. Despite its docile appearance, the stealthy way it moves, the somehow ravenous way it moves towards you and the low moan as of that of someone freezing to death tell you that the ooze is out for more than just a stroll- its out for a meal.

A Bittercold Pudding is 20ft in width and length, 3ft in height, and is around 15000 pounds.


A Bittercold Pudding does not attack unless its mass of treasure is threatened. When this occurs however, it will repeatedly slam nearby foes and rely on its extremely heavy bulk to take numerous hits as well as attempting to consume helpless foes.

Frostbite (Ex): The immensely cold body of the Bittercold Pudding means that its slam attacks and unstable body attacks deal 4d8 bonus cold damage. In addition, any foe in contact with the Pudding is dealt 4d8 Damage.

Unstable Body (Ex): Whenever the Bittercold Pudding is hit with a melee weapon, it explodes, dealing slam damage to the attacker. A DC 60 Reflex Save negates all damage.

Consume (Ex): As a free action, a Bittercold Pudding may attempt to consume something by entering its space. The Bittercold Pudding must be damaged for at least 200 damage to stop the Consume or must be dealt fire damage. At the beginning of the turn of each creature in that space, it deals Frostbite damage, dealing an additional 2d8 for each round they remain in the pudding. Those inside the pudding may make attacks, but at a -4 penalty. Any creatures that die this way are frozen and are absorbed into the body of the pudding, their flesh becoming part of the pudding in 1d20 hours and any metal parts or non-organic parts or shells of sorts are frozen and are expelled from the body of the pudding and added to its frozen block of treasure. If the Pudding is stopped in the middle of its consume, it cannot attempt another consume for another 4d6 rounds. When it consumes a target, it is healed for 10 health for every 1 hit die the target consumed had.

Ice Trail (Ex): A Bittercold Pudding leaves a trail of ice behind that functions as normal ice for all purposes, except that it doesn't melt and cannot be cracked unless exposed to fire, in which case it takes 25 fire damage to destroy one square of ice.

Heat Sapper (Ex): The nearby area within 50ft of the Bittercold Pudding are sapped of heat. This deals 1d8 Temporary Strength and Dexterity Damage that lasts for one hour. Creatures reduced to 0 Strength or Dexterity are frozen in ice and receive 20d8 Cold Damage per round with no saving throw, that cannot be stopped unless the ice is melted.

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