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Sanctuary's Lot Bestiary[edit]

New Encounters[edit]

A list of new monsters created specifically for the Sanctuary's Lot setting.

From the Monster Manual[edit]

A brief discussion of including 5e MM encounters in the Sanctuary's Lot setting

A number of creatures from the 5e Monster manual would make excellent stand-ins for creatures from The Dark:

aboleth, carrion crawler, chuul, darkmantle, gibbering mouther, grell, oozes, stirge

Similarly, several 5e creatures work well as inhabitants of The Dream:

couatl, doppleganger, manticore, mimic, naga, nightmare, rakshasa, sphinx

Creatures from the Verge tend to be insubstantial, angry, and confused beings of naked psyche. Ghosts, in particular, are a (relatively) common manifestation of The Verge of Dreams in the mortal realm.

banshee, ghost, shadow, specter, will-o wisp, wraith

Finally, due to the influence of these three other realms, the following monsters might be encountered in this world:

Spirits from the Verge that have successfully taken control of the corpse of a recently slain human could be depicted using the statistics of a ghoul, revenant, or wight.
Grimlocks and sahuagin represent variant abominations created by the deliberate union of humanity and creatures from The Dark.

From Other Sources[edit]

other user created creatures appropriate for the Sanctuary's Lot setting

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