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Black Arms[edit]

Basic Black Arms[edit]

Black Assassin[edit]

Black Hawk[edit]

Black Oak[edit]

Black Volt[edit]

Black Warrior[edit]

Black Wing[edit]

Death Leech[edit]

Death Worm[edit]

Kill Worm[edit]

Killer Plant[edit]

Sand Worm[edit]

Legendary Black Arms[edit]

Black Bull[edit]

Black Doom[edit]

Devil Doom[edit]


Basic G.U.N. Robots[edit]

Big Foot Type A[edit]

Big Foot Type B[edit]

Bomb Beetle[edit]

Bomb Hawk[edit]

Bomb Wing[edit]

Giga Trooper[edit]

Gold Beetle[edit]

Gun Beetle[edit]

Gun Hawk[edit]

Gun Hunter[edit]

GUN Trooper[edit]

Gun Wing[edit]




Laser Hawk[edit]

Laser Hornet[edit]

Laser Hunter[edit]

Mono Beetle[edit]

Mono Hawk[edit]


Rhino Cannon[edit]

Rhino Jet[edit]

Rhino Metal[edit]

Rhino Spike[edit]

Rocket Beetle[edit]

Shield Hunter[edit]

Sky Hawk[edit]

Spark Beetle[edit]

Spring Beetle[edit]

Legendary G.U.N. Robots[edit]

B-3x Hot Shot[edit]

Blue Falcon[edit]


F-6t Big Foot[edit]

Heavy Dog[edit]

R-1/A Flying Dog[edit]


Basic Wisps[edit]

Black Wisp[edit]

Blue Wisp[edit]

Cyan Wisp[edit]

Green Wisp[edit]

Jade Wisp[edit]

Orange Wisp[edit]

Pink Wisp[edit]

Purple Wisp[edit]

Red Wisp[edit]

Violet Wisp[edit]

Yellow Wisp[edit]

White Wisp[edit]

Legendary Wisp[edit]

Mother Wisp[edit]

Nega-Mother Wisp[edit]

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