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Beloved of Deity [General]

You are special to your Deity and they allow you to use limited set of spells.
Prerequisite: Favored of Deity, 5 hd minimum. Must have made some large contribution or sacrifice to your god, either 5000 gp (may be cumulative), or defeated an enemy(s) of the faith equal to 5 times your current hd, and sacrificed their possessions to your god. Enemies of the faith can be any that serve a god with an alignment opposed to your own. If your god has a hatred of a particular creature, those count as well.
Benefit: Your service to your Deity has made you special in their eyes. You get one domain spell slot for each of the first three spell lvls for the domain you picked for Favored of Deity. These are treated as divine spells and work off of whichever stat is used for Favored of Deity.
Normal: There is no normal precedant.
Special: If you are a divine spell caster you get the spell slots in addition to what you already have. All domain spells of third level and lower gets a + 2 bonus to DC as well as caster level check. If you are an arcane spell caster you can chose to cast these spells as if they were an arcane spell. The arcane spells also get the +2 bonus to Caster level and DC. This bonus to DC is for when your enemies attempt to resist. This feat can take a while to reach the prerequisites so you can announce your intention to the Dm and start your progress before you take this feat.

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